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We are a leading company with more than 20 years of experience in the import, commercialization and strategic representation of raw materials for Venezuela and international market. We represent leading multinational companies in the area in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical and veterinary industries which guarantee standard quality, reliability and competitive prices.

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We offer sale and distribution of raw materials and products for the pharmaceutical, chemical, veterinary, cosmetic and food industries.


The raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry are the reagents, active ingredients, catalysts, solvents and additives used in the manufacture of drugs, medicines, and products that contain nutritional supplements that contribute to health. Therefore, it must go through a very high quality control.


The raw materials of this industry consist mainly of products of plant (agriculture), animal (livestock) and fungal origin (belonging or related to fungi).


The chemical industry deals with the extraction and processing of raw materials, both natural and synthetic, and its transformation into other substances with different characteristics from those they originally had, to satisfy people's needs, improving their quality of life.

Vitamins and amino acids

They are the raw material to grow and function your body. Among the most important functions are the optimal transport of nutrients and the optimization of the storage of all nutrients (water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals).

Filtering Systems

We have filter plates and cartridges for products and filtering systems for the manufacture and packaging of alcoholic beverages, spirits, sweet liqueurs and other liquids in general. We have a large number of alternatives according to the micronage that the product to filter in a variety of models needs.


Raw materials for the cosmetic industry can vary significantly from one product to another, and can be natural, such as those of animal and plant origin, or artificial, made in laboratories and factories. Raw materials are base inputs for the preparation of a wide variety of elements used in humans.

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